Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Look into those they call unfortunate,
And, closer view’d, you’ll find they are unwise.–Young.
Let wealth come in by comely thrift,
And not by any foolish shift:
‘Tis haste
Makes waste:
Who gripes too hard the dry and slippery sand
Holds none at all, or little, in his hand.–Herrick.
Let well alone.–Proverb.
HOW MUCH REAL comfort every one might enjoy if he would be contented
with the lot in which heaven has cast him, and how much trouble would be
avoided if people would only “let well alone.” A moderate independence, quietly
and honestly procured, is certainly every way preferable even to immense
possessions achieved by the wear and tear of mind and body so necessary to procure
them. Yet there are very few individuals, let them be doing ever so well in
the world, who are not always straining every nerve to do better; and this is one
of the many causes why failures in business so frequently occur among us. The
present generation seem unwilling to “realize” by slow and sure degrees; but
choose rather to set their whole hopes upon a single cast, which either makes or
mars them forever!
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